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Mark is over 45 and he is a top manager in a big grocery. That evening Mark was working at home after hard workday. He was very tired and strained, so the progress was quite slow and Mark already decided to go to bed when his young daughter came in. She was a tiny cute girl with so delicious young body. She sat down on a table in front of him and looked deep in father’s eyes. Mark didn’t understand anything…

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Then his daughter raised a little her blouse and shocked daddy saw adorable tiny tits with so nice pink nipples. He only heard about daddy daughter incest and once read intriguing story how daughter seduces father. But now it was in a reality and dazed dad had no idea what he should to do. But his agile wicked daughter already started to show him her amazing petite ass with cute juicy butts and after it began to stroke his hardening dick. And when daughter was fucking father, Mark stroked her trembling young body, felt her wet tight pussy sliding over his hard dick and felt himself the happiest dad in the world!

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At that evening when father had a dinner, Katy entered the kitchen with lifted up dress and started to talk with him. She pretended that nothing happened, but her father couldn’t control himself and stared at her naked ass. He felt that daughter seduces father and his lust was very high. So, he made no resistance when Katy fell to her knees, took his cock and started to suck it. Later was an incredible incest scene how father fucks his daughter right between her round butts in kitchen’s chair.

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