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Mina is a very beautiful redhead teenage girl with luxurious adorable sexy body – ideal elastic tits with such cute pink nipples, slim long legs, amazing round tight ass and charming belly. Her father is not a very old man yet, so every time he sees daughter in nightie or just in towel after shower, he has taboo erotic dreams. And it was quite hard for him to resist this thoughts because of his girl is really desirable and hot number.

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That day Mina was home alone and was in a whirl all day. It was an evening and she was cooking a dinner for the whole family. Only small shorts and blue mini-top were on her tempting young body that day. Father came back at home much earlier than other family members and when he saw his sexy daughter he decided to seize the opportunity and to seduce his own daughter. He started to accost to daughter and after some resistance she allowed dad to stroke her perfect tits. Daddy didn’t stop and continued with her pussy! When father was licking daughter’s pussy she moaned from pleasure and after that gave dad blowjob and herself for real incest fucking.

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Monica is almost 30 years old, but she looks adorable with her perfect body, tight round ass, beautiful breast and so sexy slim legs! That’s why this cute young woman wears short skirts, décolleté and high heels. And Monica couldn’t even imagine that such expressive clothes could ever arouse her old father. But old horny man always secretly stared at her sexy body and one day father daughter lust overcame his mind…

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That Monica was talking with her father in his room and stooped for a moment to take her cell phone from cupboard. Right at that moment she felt a light slap on her ass and when she turned round her father pushed her on bed and she saw a burning fire of lust in his eyes. Monica was taken aback for a moment, but father pulled off her red panties and started to kiss daughter pussy. He did it so tender and skillfully that Monica relaxed and started to receive a pleasure. Several minutes later it was a hot incest scene where daughter fucking father like a wild and both of them were happy.

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